Valley Avenue

Office & Retail Companies

I will lead improvement of the Fourth Ward by improving the physical structures in the Valley Avenue corridor. Office buildings add to physical appearances of the corridor, provide jobs, and often require less parking area than retail businesses. They also provide new and larger revenues to the city’s budget. I will help lead the development of unused and underused space along Valley Avenue.

I will lead the effort to bring larger retail stores to Valley Avenue. These are likely to be the larger specialty stores such as dealing with appliance, furniture, or electronics. I will work to make one of them be a good grocery store. These generate more jobs for us and improve the economic well-being of the Fourth Ward.

Beautification & Parks

There are businesses that will continue to exist for years to come just as they do now. Some are considered eyesores, but they do provide needed services. I will lead the effort to provide beautification of such places. That may mean something as simple as a screen of plantings with advertising still visible.

I am amazed at the lack of sufficient parks and recreation for youth and adults in the Fourth Ward. These are needed within easy access of Valley Avenue to best serve our community. I will lead the effort to bring them to the Fourth Ward. This helps our youth develop to be the best they can be.


When I ask neighbors and friends about public transportation in Winchester, they laugh. They say the current public transportation is insufficient. With the exception of two very small areas in the Fourth Ward, the only transportation is into the center of town and none of it is frequent or after evening dining or socializing. There is little available or advertised for after major events. Per Winchester’s public transportation web site, the trolley doesn’t run at all during Apple Blossom’s Friday and Saturday. I will lead the effort to provide better public transportation and information, especially after major events such as larger sporting events and Apple Blossom.

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