Tax Controls

Tax Sources

Businesses – offices, stores, etc. – pay taxes just as do homeowners. However, they do not require all the city services needed by a homeowner. My efforts in the city council to bring more business into Winchester enlarges the city’s tax base without increasing your property taxes.

What Winchester Provides

We must properly understand the needs of the city. That is, what is necessary and good to be able to properly and efficiently run Winchester. Some of that is demanded by Virginia and the federal government, giving us little or no control. However, there are many things in which we do have control.

Here is one example: Cities in states like Alabama and Texas are experiencing terrific success and cost savings in providing housing for the homeless. Unlike other methods or none at all, providing tiny cottages – much like a small one-room efficiency apartment – has proven to be cheaper than other housing methods and provides the residents with a permanent address. That permanent address gives them access to Medicare, social security, and, since many employers will not hire someone without a permanent address, better job opportunities. That helps take the homeless off welfare, reduces crime-out-of-need, reduces drug abuse, reduces mental illness, and betters the community.

Land Use

There are areas of unused or underused land within Winchester, including in the Fourth Ward.  I will lead the effort to convert those areas into fully functioning properties.  This will increase job opportunities and increase the tax base without increasing property taxes.

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