Economic Dignity

Jobs in or near the Fourth Ward

Winchester, as with many other communities has suffered job losses with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of those jobs have returned and more will later. However, some are gone since the businesses are now gone. Our unemployment rate is lower than most places, but we can make it even better. We must change for the future.

I can lead the way to changes that will create new jobs in Winchester. Some people may need training for a different line of work and I can work with the city to provide that. Any good worker is always willing to learn new skills. As your representative on the City Council, we will be ready to change for the better in whatever way is needed at the time. We cannot rely only on what worked in the past.

Job Training

The old Kerr Elementary School is being redesigned to offer training needed for some of the jobs in our community. Is it enough? I will coordinate with companies in the area to ensure training is available for more types of jobs than can the new facility. This can include more co-operative work education than currently available and other alternatives. I want to work with you so that everyone living in our area can be well trained to enter the workforce.

Long-Term Planning

My experience is in very long-term planning –five times as long as the city currently plans. I understand planning and know that such plans require adjustments as you go through them. That is true even with short-term planning since unexpected and disruptive changes occur. The COVID-19 pandemic is such an example.

I know how to make plans for many years out that serve as a guide to improve the lifestyle of our community. We can make this city into something even better than it is today, but we must plan well ahead to be able to do that. We must do this together.

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