Phil Milstead

Winchester City Council

Fourth Ward

Economic Dignity

Economic Dignity is providing a path for each person to obtain a job paying a living wage with all the dignity and respect that comes with it.  This includes increasing job opportunities in the Fourth Ward.

Valley Avenue

Valley Avenue needs work as an economic corridor.  There are ways I would like to help increase the presence of office plazas, expanded retail, a new grocery option, and ensuring the corridor is better landscaped.

Tax Controls

Everyone worries about the possibility of their property taxes rising above current levels.  I would like to introduce methods that can permit them to remain the same or even lower while increasing revenue to the city.

I am Phil Milstead

Phil believes in being active in the community.

Phil has degrees in mathematics and computer science and has worked in industry and government, at times supporting the White House or coordinating with companies and organizations in other countries. Before he retired from NASA managing very advanced research, including managing one of the largest supercomputers in the world, Phil scouted for a good location to retire into. He found that in Winchester and, years before retirement, bought the house in which he has resided for about 8 years.

Phil believes in being active in the community. In the past, he served as co-chair for the Bull Run Alcohol Safety Action Programs, a former member of the Loudoun County Transportation Commission, a former vice-chair for the Winchester Electoral Board, and a past president of the Rolling Hills HOA. In each community in which he resided, he started local clubs and organizations for adults and youth. In New Orleans, he raised thousands of dollars for charity for which he was given a Certificate of Merit by the Mayor.

I will work to